TRES propaganda and Skate 4 a Cause

TRES propaganda donated some tees to Skate for a Cause this year.

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TRES propaganda visits the Manhattan Beach Fair

One of the fun parts about being in the t-shirt business is the occasional festival that allows us to meet and greet people that enjoy new t-shirts. We spent the last weekend selling tees at the Manhattan Beach fair, in the town of the same name. Thanks to tons of USC & UCLA fans, we were practically cleaned out of the Rival Chase Tees. Thankfully, we have more in production this week and should have... [more]


Rivalry Continued

Due to the USC/ UCLA response to the Chase Tees, we have decided to design another rivalry. Look for the launch in October.

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Celebrate Cliches with TRES propaganda

This month we decided to celebrate the cliche. What? Why has the Die Hard franchise been able make hundreds of million of dollars? Why are they working on a 4th impossible mission? Easy, dudes like guns. There is something that happens around the age of 4, when a young boy realizes he can curl his bottom three fingers back, stick out his pointer and take out a whole city of bad guys. We\'re not here... [more]


TRES Propaganda on Gilmore Girls

It appears that Zack (Todd Lowe) was sporting our Sydney T for the Series Finale of Gilmore Girls last night (7.22 Bon Voyage). Not sure how many of you are Gilmore Girls fans, but watch for the scene with Zach, Rory, & Keiko about 30 minutes in. Missed it Tuesday night? Tune in for the encore airing this Sunday night 8p (Eastern).

Someone emailed us, we promise.


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TRES Combats Injustice

Injustice is bad. And while we admit to not knowing exactly what is going on in Western Sudan, we recognize that we can do more to help. We were recently contacted to design & produce a shirt for a Darfur Fundraiser. Moved by the idea of using t-shirts to help others, we thought we could join in by selling our shirts via the internet. Buy a Darfur shirt from TRES propaganda and we\'ll give 100%... [more]


The Gap between LA & America

so...we launched on nov 30, but it took until dec 5 for it to hit me. It was a sunny 82 degrees outside, and with the fishbowl that I live in (lots of windows), it was about 88 inside the place. I was on the phone talking to our merchant account manager. I had never met him, he works in Maine, and us in LA. He said it was 15 degrees on average out there... [more]


TRES featured at fashion show

For those of you that are in the area, we have our second ever fashion show coming up on Dec 9th at the Black Cat Gallery in Venice, CA. The Gallery opens at 7 pm, and the show start around 9:30. So come out and see some killer art, have a few cocktails, and hang out ot see our show. Check out: for more info. Hope to see you there.

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In the Beginning

So here we go- I\'m K.C. and along with my business partner Mike, we are TRES propaganda. TRES propaganda is a new T-shirt brand that focuses on pointing out the zits on the face of pop-culture, with a design forward aesthetic. We started this company after creating a line of merchandising shirts for a good buddy Tyrone Wells (unreal musician). Both Mike and I have spent a ton of time in the graphic... [more]